County takes ownership of seized horses

Several seized horses were being kept at the stables at the Essex County Fairgrounds. The stalls were blocked off by police tape on Monday, Sept. 23.

Several seized horses were being kept at the stables at the Essex County Fairgrounds. The stalls were blocked off by police tape on Monday, Sept. 23. Photo by Katherine Clark.


“We want to move them into new homes as soon as we can, but we first must make sure a veterinarian has declared them healthy enough to leave, so it’s still very early in the process,” County Manager Daniel Palmer said. “We have a lot of work to get to the point where we can move (the horses) into new homes as soon as we can.”

Palmer said the county is seeking help from various SPCA and Humane Associations to help with the adoption process and a trainer will be working with the horses that aren’t socialized.

Palmer said the county has seen a tremendous amount of community support to help care for the animals with donations of hay, food, buckets, harnesses and more.

“We are extremely grateful we’ve got a lot of what the horses need from the community and about $4,260 in donations,” Palmer said. “We don’t have a designated ‘horse person,’ at the county so it’s going to be a new process of getting the animals in new homes.”

To donate, people should contact Tam Mrose of the Animal Cruelty Task Force at 834-7849. Donation checks can be sent and made payable directly to the Essex County Treasurers Office, P.O. Box 217, Elizabethtown, N.Y., 12932. Anyone issuing a check is asked to indicate on the memo line of the check — Horse Care.

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Native 1 year, 7 months ago

While we realize your paper supports the huge law enforcement presence in the area , including the secret ADK task force, Even the most pro GOP right winger would say fair is fair. The DEC officer who shot his neighbors dog is guilty of being a bad person who is getting the benefit of friends in high places.Any one else would be arrested!!!!

This is standard up here with the ESSEXcounty jail being filled with low income folks being locked up for non violence . Homeland security incredibly was in this paper awarding the   County Jail,unbelivable.     Here  is your upstate justice,   Its scary the two sets of standards on the same outcome!!!!       Unlimited budgets unlimited lies!




Native 1 year, 7 months ago


Please advise how a Known DEC cop can conceal ,kill, bury, two neighbors dog with a name tag and not one charge. ???? Especially with all of the animal concern.

Did you know FBI profilers call animal cruelty a precursor to much worse crime and or secret concealed behavior.


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