Rolling Mill Hill development discussed in Au Sable Forks

Roger Trancik of the Hamlets 3 project talks about the development of Rolling Mill Hill during a meeting in Au Sable Forks Sept. 26.

Roger Trancik of the Hamlets 3 project talks about the development of Rolling Mill Hill during a meeting in Au Sable Forks Sept. 26. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— Community members got their chance to weigh in on the development of Rolling Mill Hill at the Jay Community Center Sept. 26.

Roger Trancik, of the Adirondack Hamlets 3 project and Urban Design Consultants in Ithaca, led a discussion with residents of Au Sable Forks on how the land could be developed and give residents and option for housing that is not located along the flood plain.

“This is something that is not going to happen overnight,” Trancik said. “This is something that is going to take time and come together piece by piece. We have looked at things like having a road that loops around the development to allow building starting at both ends and meeting in the middle to cause the least disruption.”

The development would be located off of Rolling Mill Hill Road as a central community with areas for housing around central meeting venues and parks.

“Having this place and knowing that this option is there is something that we need,” resident Sharron Hewston said. “We have lost people from this hamlet because of flooding because they cannot go back to their homes so they see no other choice but to leave.”

Trancik said the current round of meetings were to get feedback from the community before moving forward.

“We are to the point now where we are taking feedback and putting that into the planning,” he said. “Then we will come back with an implementation plan.”

Trancik said the implementation plan would be presented as part of a meeting with the Adirondack Park Agency Nov. 12.

Funding for the project was also discussed. Dan Kelleher of the APA said he had faith Au Sable Forks would be able to find funding through the town of Jay leaders.

“If there is anyone that is going to be successful in channeling funding in for this project, that will be Randy Douglas,” Kelleher said. “We will be meeting next week with him to talk about implementation and funding.”

Bill Johnston, who volunteers with Hamlets 3, said the community was in a good spot when it came to help from local agencies.

“You have a very effective county planning department and a very effective housing authority, which is not something that everyone has,” Johnston said. “This gives you two very effective agencies and a supervisor with ties into Albany that can help you go through with something like this.”

For more information about Hamlet 3, visit online at www.apa.ny.gov/Documents/Reports/Hamlets/index.html.

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