Zombies are coming to Plattsburgh...again

Jane Galletti and Steve Fish of Plattsburgh became the undead during the 2012 Zombie Walk on Oct. 13.

Jane Galletti and Steve Fish of Plattsburgh became the undead during the 2012 Zombie Walk on Oct. 13. Photo by Katherine Clark.


Zombies are asked to leave their pets at home.

Zombies should not eat, touch or maim humans

Zombies should not interfere with non-participants

Zombies must not smoke near other zombies

Zombies must let loose and have fun in undead fashion

— The mysterious, jaw dropping infection started spreading four years ago with unaware members of the community being caught up in the frenzy. Zombies continue to walk among us and will be bringing some friends as well during the fourth annual Zombie Walk Oct. 19.

The Zombie Walk will begin at the Durkee Street Parking lot, travel via city sidewalks on City Hall Place, Margaret Street, North Catherine Street and finally down Brinkerhoff Street.

The zombies come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and dressed in all mediums.

“Last year we had infant zombies in strollers,” organizer Kimberly Cummins said.

Another parent dressed up their child in what looked like an old lamb costume that they zombified with fake blood and a bullet hole.

“It’s really fun to see people come together as zombies, and people who love the zombie subculture, they get to come out and break down during the walk and get into the character and growl at people,” Cummins said.

Some people have dressed as simply as covering themselves in fake blood and tattered clothing, others have brought out zombies from their imaginations and taken beloved pop culture characters and turned them into zombies. Last year a zombie turned the Man in the Yellow Hat from the children’s book “Curious George” into an undead.

“Two guys last year were zombie trash collectors, they dragged around trash cans that they beat like drums and were sort of the background music to the walk,” Cummins said.

The Zombie Walk is a melting pot for all things zombie and the undead. But Cummins said zombies must not loose themselves in their character too much and forgo human manners.

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