Turning Back the Pages

Area mishaps

William Edgerton of Chestertown, in cranking a motor, preparatory to driving Fred Mundy’s car, was kicked by the crank quite seriously, injuring his hand which will require inactive days for restoration.

Miles Morehouse of Bakers Mills was thrown from one of his horses and was considerably bruised on his hip and side which required Dr. W.W. Aldrich to dress the wounds.

The Arrow Head Hotel, at the head of Fourth Lake in the Adirondacks, was destroyed by fire Sept. 23, 1913 entailing a loss of $40,000, the property being insured for $10,000.

The driver of Parker’s White Steamer auto, in an endeavor to avoid a collision with another car, ran off the road near Bartonville.

News near and far

No less than 11,338 Union veterans of the Civil War died in 1912. There are still over 180,000 on the rolls of the Grand Army of the Republic.

John Hanson, 15, accused of poisoning Patrick Cushing in Willsboro last July, 1912, was examined as to his sanity at the Elizabethtown jail recently by two physicians appointed by a judge.

Ticonderoga is now a “dry” town, all licenses to sell liquor having expired on Oct. 1, 1913. Only drug stores may now dispense the liquid that exhilarates and than only upon a physician’s prescription.

The Warrensburgh News will pay 3 cents a pound for clean rags suitable for wipers for machinery. They must be well washed, all buttons must be removed and no piece can be smaller than a handkerchief

Owners of driving horses may be interested to know that the road leading west from Darrowsville to Friend’s Lake is in good repair and worth driving over.

Warrensburgh Democrats in caucus at the Warren House (corner of Main and Water streets) Oct. 9, 1913 headed their ticket for the coming election with Milton N. Eldridge for Supervisor and Herbert C. Smith for Town Clerk.

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