Apology and correction

To the Times of Ti:

Early responses to my Sept. 28 guest viewpoint titled “When is a Deal a Good Deal” are critical of me for: (i) not being sufficiently direct as to whom I am representing in my commentary; (ii) being insensitive to the good will of the individuals involved, and for (iii) being insensitive, as well, to their central argument that their meat packing hub will help save area farms, to the point whereby farmers leaving will soon count as jobs returning.

I speak for no one in my commentary other than myself. I know that my views are, likely, minority views, but then that is how most worthy causes start out. I have great respect and liking for both town leaders and the individuals involved and don’t question their integrity or good faith. I mean no disrespect by my remarks. Should anyone on the receiving side take offense, I offer my full and unreserved apology to that person.

As for central arguments, everyone has one. With the meat packing venture, could it possibly lead not just to an existing 15 jobs or so, but, rather to hundreds of jobs — by turning a heretofore rigid agricultural industry to a highly scalable, multi-product partnership between community revitalization and meat packing promoters? With the community, the central question becomes “how far will they go?” Will the town leaders demonstrate the necessary political courage and prescience to support (meaning, “fund”) a real revitalization; or is 2-3 percent of their annual operating budget to be held so sacrosanct as to tell us all what our town leaders really think about the future of Ticonderoga and its immediate regional environs?

Alex Levitch, chairman emeritus

Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance

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