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The slippery time has started. The road crews were out sanding before the school buses had to get out on Friday. Drive safe. Tis the season.

Hope you will all have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving is a time to remember some of your favorite times. Dad set up a tent near Fox Lair one year. There was no snow but very chilly. Keitan was just old enough for his small game license and killed a squirrel. He dressed it out and it was cooked. then he tanned the hide. Roy Millington had taught him out to tan. After the meal Keitan, Derek and Keisha went across the road and play tag among the pines. Oh, so many years ago. Lloyd Burch and Willie Ordway stopped by to chat. Nicole Kenyon came with her grandpa Leon Galusha. Fred Allen and two of his New Jersey friends were there. Alonzo and Fabiann there also to enjoy the family gathering. Mom always loved getting family together. It sure was cold sleeping on the camp floor.

Pansy Allen has moved to the Adirondack Tri-County Nursing home after making her home for many years at the Adirondack Manor in Queensbury. She will be now closer to family and friends. So many at Tri-County that she knows.

Sue Rawson has been a patient at Glens Falls Hospital for several days.

Alonzo Conlon and sons, Aaron and Ian spent the weekend with Grandma Jerstie. They enjoyed exploring the woods.

Fred and Ruth Allen from New Jersey enjoyed a week at their River House on the Hudson at the Glen.

The Sodom Community Church had their yearly Thanksgiving feast on Sunday after the morning worship.

The Thanksgiving Community Service will be held Wed. evening at 7pm at the Sodom Community Church. The new minister of the Johnsburg Methodist Church is to be the speaker.

The Schaefer Hunting party enjoyed many weekends hunting in their yearly spot off the Edwards Hill Rd. Some feel they can’t travel the woods but enjoyed being at camp and talking about yesteryears. On way home Arnie Wyse and son, Micky stop to visit Earl Allen. Earl moved the hunting party in for years. They keep their wagon at Earl’s.

Sorry to hear about the death of Francis Cyr Frisbie and Aussie Washburn.

Happy Birthday to: Ronda Dunkley, Lee Allen, Tanner Stone, Ariel Smith, Victoria Bradway, Joyce Virgil, Lorna Outten, Tammy Farrell, Joan Hitchcock, Chrissy Morehouse Keller

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