Our fabulous Thanksgiving feast — close to home

To the Adirondack Journal:

The decision to go out to eat was an easy one, but the question of where was a tricky one. We had seen an ad for a $50 Thanksgiving buffet —tax and tip not included — however, I have never eaten $50 worth of food in one sitting! Our needs were minimal – close to town and not too expensive. Another quick peek at the Adirondack Journal solved the problem! We grabbed our coats on the way out the door, and after a very short drive, arrived at our destination. Although the parking lot was filling up, we found a spot. The young man who greeted us at the door, answered our questions, and bid us a fine dinner.

No sooner had we crossed the threshold, when we were escorted to our table and asked if we cared for a beverage. The aroma in the dining room was heavenly — dressing and gravy, with a hint of mashed potatoes. As we relaxed, we noticed most of the tables in both dining rooms were filled, and everyone appeared to be happily engaged in eating or talking, or both!

Our drinks arrived soon after, giving us a moment to enjoy some fabulous pumpkin roll sitting on the table. Our waiter returned to ask if we had any dietary restrictions, and we happily told him that we were “good to go,” and we placed our order. I was seated directly across from the dessert table, and was thinking of cancelling my order in lieu of a triple order of dessert, when our steaming platters arrived. Did I say, “heaping” steaming platters? One could barely see across the top of the plate! And, it was as delicious as it was large! Grandma would have been proud to serve that meal!

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