Use common sense

To the Editor:

The recent election of five new supervisors in Essex County has caused me to think there is more to the story. Did the five sitting supervisors really deserve to be replaced or was it voter apathy that caused them to be turned down?

In most instances those elected were of the same political party, which would rule out ideology as a reason. Could it be that voters rejected the defeated because they felt more needed to be done with less? Voters always favor those who say they will cut taxes and improve services even though we know in our hearts this can’t be done. Perhaps voters wishfully convinced themselves it can be done and as a result they voted their pocketbooks!

History tells us many promises are made before an election and few of them are kept! Over and over again we vote for a candidate knowing his/her promises are made with the hope they are believed so they can be elected. I would guess those who voted out those sitting supervisors won’t remember the reasons they voted for the victors or receive the promises the victors promised!

A real sad fact is the number of votes cast in the recent election. The polls show only a small portion of voters showed up to vote throughout the county. Isn’t this an indication of non-caring on the part of most voters? Here we live in a country where millions have died to protect our right to vote and many sit home on Election Day and grumble about how our government doesn’t work right.

I am not one of them as I deem it a privilege to honor those who fought for my freedom by voting my conscience.

Having no quarrel with any of the supervisors who were defeated or those elected, I wish them all well. My concern is that those elected will meet the same fate as their predecessors when it is time for them to be re-elected. My advice to them is to start off by letting those who voted for them know the promises made were only dressing and should not be taken as gospel! Lastly I would advise them to use common sense, as this is what sets North Country people apart from others.

Gary P. Guido


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