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What a beautiful fall Saturday for being outside. Great day to finish the yard work, pile wood and whatever had to be done. Thanks for those who mentioned to me about not having the news last week. Way too many things going on.

The Bakers Mills Sodom Fire company had a great turn out for the beginning of the month meeting. We appreciate all our firemen.

Alonzo Conlon and son, Aaron walked to Big Shanty last Saturday. Quite the weather when they arrived. Sleeping with only a trap was not a good idea when there was over an inch of snow. They were able to get a short drive in but headed back over the mountain on Sunday morning. They thought they were about froze and took the rest of the day to get warmed through. I remember going to Big Shanty and enjoying Thanksgiving. Dad would go in early to set up a sleep tent and a cook tent. That was when horses were allowed. Dad made sure the tents had wood stoves and were warm. Dad would then walk the family in. Dad made it warm enough so he could sit around in his undershirt. One time when hunting Dad sat on watch while Fred, Mom and I “barked” to try and drive a deer to Dad. Don’t know if it ever worked. Bert and Celia Robbins spent many a hunting season in Big Shanty. While in there one year a big snow storm hit. Dad was working for the Town Highway and walked out early. Uncle George Dunkley walked out with Fred and me. It was a hard trip with so much snow. Nate Dunkley stayed in with mom. After a heavy rain Nate and Mom started out. Diamond Mountain Brook was like a river. Nate walked up stream to find a place to cross. After awhile he found a tree that fell across. Mom said there was no way she could cross the swirling water. Nate crossed and with long encouraging words finally inch by inch Mom made it. The swirling around her feet made her want to go back and stay in the woods. Ask Nate about this trip. One he will never forget.

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