Congrats to elected officials

To the Valley News:

Congratulations to Noel Merrihew, Rick Olcott and the Town of Elizabethtown as a whole on the results of the recent election.

Hopefully this will prompt the remaining board members to keep a tight lid on activities for the balance of the year. People move to our area, I assume, for its beauty and charm and I applaud anyone for wanting to get involved in community affairs. All too often though these newcomers strive to make it better. Unfortunately their ideas of better are not always what the natives want. In these days of tough economic times we find ourselves running so hard to keep up that we don’t take the time to see where we are actually going. We trust our elected officials to take care of the day to day operations of our communities but don’t find or take the time to actually see how they are doing. Fortunately there are individuals such as Ken Fenimore who take an interest and are able to put forth the effort needed to research and share information with his fellow citizens. I live in the Town of Lewis but I have carefully watched the activities of the Elizabethtown Board because a few of the things that they are working on, such as the “Comprehensive Plan,” have the possibility of eventually impacting my town in the same negative way that it will impact Elizabethtown. I am not a native. I am an interloper of sorts having moved here close to 50 years ago but unlike many of the recent interlopers I have not attempted to drastically change things. I have been involved in Kiwanis, the school board and I have provided whatever financial and moral support to as many area groups that I could. I ask that all of you newcomers in all towns respect your towns for their ability to have somehow survived all this time without your help. Involve yourself for the benefit of your community but do not put your towns in jeopardy by thinking that you have all of the answers and don’t need help from anyone. As for you Elizabethtown residents I ask that you please support the new town government because they will need your help and support to turn things around and take you responsibly into the future.

Jim Jackson


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