Three chefs share the role of Head Chef at The Pepper

As much of their produce as possible comes from Fledging Crow Vegetables in Keeseville. They also use other local and regional farms for their vegetables and proteins.

“If you talk to the farmers in Plattsburgh definitely we buy double the amount of stuff from these guys (than do other restaurants). We try to incorporate it into our regular menu as much as we can, and for the special features as much as we can,” said Armstrong.

Gonyea says he sees Plattsburgh as having something of a “bubble complex,” where culinary trends tend to take a long time to get established. At The Pepper, Armstrong, Gonyea and Brushnefski are making a conscious effort to change that, and in the process are keeping seats full and the line stretching toward the door most weekends.

Jalapeno-Agave Mustard

1 Cup stone-ground mustard

½ Cup Agave

2 Jalapenos diced

2 Shallots diced

1 Teaspoon thyme

Sauté Shallots and Jalapenos until lightly browned, add thyme. Combine with mustard and agave, blend until smooth. Grill 10 oz. New York Strip Steak to desired temperature and drizzle with sauce.

Apple-Beet Excabeche

¼ Cup Honey

½ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1 Beet

1 Apple

¼ Head Cabbage

¼ Onion

½ Poblano

Julienne beet and poach in water until soft. Let cool. Julienne all vegetables and mix in bowl. Combine vinegar and honey in separate bowl and dress vegetables with liquid.


6 Fingerling Potatoes

2 Shallots

1 ½ Celeriac Bulb

½ Heirloom Tomato

¼ Tsp Chopped Garlic

Salt & Pepper to taste

Pinch of Thyme

Pinch of smoked paprika and cumin

Deglaze with ¼ cup brandy

Chop vegetables to ¼ inch. Saute in oil until browned. Add spices and deglaze with brandy. Finish in oven. Garnish with pea shoots. Single serving.

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