Johnsburg to hold budget hearing Nov. 7

— The town of Johnsburg’s tentative 2014 budget calls for a tax increase of about 3 percent, which is under the allowable 3.8 percent granted by the state, and town leaders will hold a budget hearing at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7 at the Wevertown Community Center.

Johnsburg Town Supervisor Ron Vanselow calls this a “pretty straightforward” budget. His goal for the budget this year was to continue directing funds, and increasing them when possible, to priority segments of town spending.

“I’m gradually trying to reallocate funds and spend them where it looks like we need to, like bringing up the highway and some of those budget lines,” Vanselow said. “And I’m trying to devote more resources to working on town property and our building.”

The overall town budget spending, including special districts, is $2,883,722. That includes $2,355,079 for the townwide funds: General, $1,108,999; Highway, $1,174,280; and Library, $71,800. Plus, it includes three special districts: North Creek Water, $125,000; North Creek Fire, $157,061; and Johnsburg Fire, $246,582.

The total amount to be raised by taxes is $1,383,142. That includes $1,018,249 for the townwide General, Highway and Library funds; and $364,893 for the two fire districts.

There aren’t any big-ticket items for 2014, but there is money to give raises to some of the Town Hall employees, according to Vanselow.

The supervisor ($23,289) and town council members ($4,147 each) will not be getting raises. The other salaries for elected officials are: $12,720 for justice; $22,604 for town clerk/tax collector; and $50,000 for highway superintendent.

“The highway workers are under contract, so that’s automatic,” Vanselow said. “We’re raising the highway superintendent a little bit.”

There is more money for mowing cemeteries and for town buildings, and Town Board members raised a couple lines in the highway budget to be more “realistic,” according to the supervisor.

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