Notes from Planet Earth

“You might think that a minute would be the same amount of time everywhere, but it is not. The brilliant scientist Albert Einstein realized that space and time behave in strange ways. For example, he predicted that a clock travelling fast runs slower that a clock at rest. This has proven true and predicts that if you stayed on Earth and your twin sister took a fast trip in a spaceship you would grow older faster than she did while she was gone! Einstein also correctly predicted that a clock will run more slowly when it’s near the ground than when it was high above Earth.

“But humans invented the word ‘time’ many centuries before we knew of these weird and surprising discoveries of Einstein. My guess is that the word ‘time’ was invented to express our awareness that both ourselves and the world around are always changing.

“However, we’re still not sure when time began. Might you be one of those who help us decide that question?”

I’m pleased to report that, although I did not win, thanks to our local students my entry was one of the three finalists. The entries of the other finalists can be viewed on CCS’s website: The Flame Challenge.

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