Could you tell about a place where you’ve had a lot of fun?

Minerva Central School

Mrs. Williford Kindergarten

“I went to the toy store. I bought Skylanders.” (Hayden Taylor)

“I went to a place where they crashed cars. It was really loud and fun. I got to get ice cream.” (Michael Stephens)

“I had fun at the fun place! They call it the Fun Place because it’s really fun!” (James Fish)

“I had fun at the school carnival. I bounced on the bouncy house and put the balls in the hoop.” (Caitlin Wamsley)

“I went to the water park. I won a Pokemon price!” (Thomas Ball)

“I went to the Bronx Zoo. I saw all the animals.” (Katelin McNally)

“I had fun at Gore Mountain because I went skiing there.” (Alex Mather)

Minerva Central School

Miss. Gereau Grade 5

“There are lots of places that are fun like the Great Escape, Funspot or my Mema’s house. My favorite spot is my Mema’s because we can go four-wheeling and can stay over night there and then I can get ice cream and watch a lot of movies at night.” (Audrey Fish)

“I had fun at the Skate Park. I went there with my older sister. It was a lot of fun watching my sister and her friends doing tricks. I was on a scooter and my sister was on a bike. Then when we got home a 2 in the afternoon we went swimming with my older brother and sister. It’s a lot of fun when I spend time with them because they’re fun and I love them.” (Vince Charbonneau)

“I have had a lot of fun in a lot of places, but the place where I have the most fun is the water amusement park. I am allowed to bring two friends and I usually bring Kaity and Alex. We go on a lot of fun rides, our favorites are raging rivers and the wave pool. We also love the round up, the tilt-a-whirl, scrambler, silver back gorilla and all the rides except the Ferris wheels. We especially like the bumper cars.” (Jasmine Jenks)

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