Willsboro Students to perform 12 Angry Men

Willsboro Central School actors bring the play “12 Angry Jurors” to the stage.

Willsboro Central School actors bring the play “12 Angry Jurors” to the stage. Photo by Katherine Clark.

Cast List

Foreman, Juror #1 - Mikaela Salem

Juror #2 - Adam Mero

Juror #3 - Connor Sheehan

Juror #4 - Taressa Lacey

Juror #5 - Dana Klein

Juror #6 - Benjamin Jackson

Juror #7 - Mat Longware

Juror #8 - Laura Klein

Juror #9 - Regan Arnold

Juror #10 - Austin Ferris

Juror #11 - Warren Jackson

Juror #12 - Max Longware

The Guard - Erinn Walker

Voice of the Judge - Oliver Lee

Voice of the Clerk - Joelle Steeves

— Willsboro Central School students will give an intimate performance with the audience taking to the stage for their portrayal of modern-day Reginald Rose’s Emmy Award-Winning Classic Drama “12 Angry Jurors.”

The 12 student actors from grades four through 11 act out the explosive drama of jurors trying to figure out if a young man accused of murdering his father is guilty. The audience will be right there with the jurors as their debates move from logical, to explosive, back to logical throughout the performance ending with a conclusion that will determine if the defendant lives or dies.

“The school auditorium is vast and I wanted the students feel the intimacy of the audience. Plus, I wanted them to think differently,” said play director Derrick A. Hopkins. “The mind set of this play versus presenting a musical is very different. I put (the play) into consideration because I love the intensity of the drama and how the issues it addresses still is relevant in today’s society.”

The play follows the jury deliberation of a trial of a 19-year-old man has just stood trial for the fatal stabbing of his father. It looks like an open-and-shut case—until one of the jurors begins to debate if all the evidence points to his guilt.

As one juror stands alone to say not guilty the 11 other jurors must come to terms with their own prejudices and personal experiences to see if in their hearts they believe the defendant is guilty. The deliberations become personal, with each juror revealing his or her own character as the various testimonies are re-examined, the murder is re-enacted and a new murder threat is born before their eyes.

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