What do you think makes a good friend? 

“Someone who is nice. I would also like a friend who is not bossy or mean. I want a friend who likes the same things and who likes to do things I like to do, for example; having sleepovers.” (Jasmine Jenks)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Watson, grade 3

“Someone who is nice to others, a good helper, and careful with others. A great friend is thankful to others and is quiet and does not talk so people can stay focused.” (Nicholas Millington)

“Someone that plays with me and someone has been with you since I was 2-years-old. My friends are good friends because they play with me and I get to go to their houses. My friends that are good to me are Nolan, Ethan, Sam, Colby, Eli, and Rodney. These are my best friends.” (Harley Dick)

“Aleesha, Cassie and Madison are good friends because they are nice and I am nice to them. They try not to hurt my feelings and I try not to hurt their feelings, but I have a hard time and I mess up and I try to do better. They also are good friends because they play with me and I play them. I want to be nice and give Cassie and Madison sometime alone and Aleesha and I play something else like we play on the swings. They are the best friends I have even if I have a lot more friends I never want to loose them because they are my best friends in the world. If I did ever loose them I would be sad and I would never want to play anything.” (Drue Degroat)

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