What do you think makes a good friend? 

Johnsburg Central School

Ms. Hagadorn

“Will let me ride his four wheeler for a long time.” (Sean Bibby)

“Will play the same games as me.” (Levi Neal)

“Shares with you.” (Angelo Galle)

“Will share toys with me.” (Brian Burkhardt)

“My good friend Dez will help me with cooking.” (Alesha Johnston)

“Is very nice to you and they help you when you fall down.” (Orlando Conlon)

Johnsburg Central School

Mrs. Mosher, second grade

“A good friend may help you if you get hurt.” (Lilly Bland)

“If you lose something on the playground they might help you find it.” (Adrianna Dunkley)

“Helps me get things together when I need them.” (Skyler Moffitt)

“If you fall down, your friend could help you get up or if you need help with your writing, they can help you with it.” (Azzareya Muniz)

“A good friend would help me if I was stuck on a question.” (Milan Brouthers)

“A good friend would help me with things I don’t understand and help me when I get hurt.” (Brian Hewitt)

“Good friends play with you and make you feel better when you are upset.” (Caden DeGroat)

Minerva Central School

Mrs. Williford Kindergarten

“A good friend helps people.” (Katelin McNally)

“Is sometimes silly.” (Caitlin Wamsley)

“Is nice.” (James Fish)

“Helps you.” (Alex Mather)

“Is nice.” (Thomas Bell)

“Helps pick up.” (Hayden Taylor)

Minerva Central School

Miss. Gereau Grade 5

“A good friend takes you places and doesn’t betray you. They are nice and are not mean.”

“Someone who likes to do the things I like to do like soccer, baseball, and basketball. I would like a friend that is nice and caring for other people.” (Vince Charbonneau)

“A person that does things I like to do like playing out doors, swimming and fishing. A good friend also cares about what your feelings are and wants to help fix them or just listen to them.” (Audrey Fish)

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