Ramblings, really?

To the Times of Ti:

It’s quite troubling why a certain writer would label comments by gun proponents as “rambling.” A number of second amendment supporters, and even the Denton editorial board, mentioned several items up for debate on the topic of gun control as well as facts to back up their views.

Not one letter by these good people resembled rambling thoughts. In every respect their opinions were well-worded and seemed knowledgeable about the subject by citing the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court decisions and other judicious rulings.

This certain writer refuses, however, to accept reality no matter the evidence before him. I suggest he turn his attention to reducing violent crime caused by blunt objects. By the way, baseball bats are the preferred weapon of choice used in violent crimes. I suppose Louisville Slugger will now have to limit bat capacity from 34 to 14 inches. But as silly as that sounds, the NY SAFE Act is equally silly.

John Sharkey, Ticonderoga

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