Turning Back the Pages

From Feb. 22 to March 4, 1861, Weston walked 478 miles from Boston, Mass. to Washington, D.C. — in 10 days and 10 hours. He arrived in Washington at 5 p.m., and was strong enough to attend Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural ball that evening. The walk was the outcome of a bet on the 1860 presidential election, and Weston had bet on the wrong candidate. It ended up that President Lincoln gave him congratulatory handshakes at the ball.

Also, in 1871, he walked backwards for 200 miles around St. Louis, Missouri — in 41 hours.

Solid gold dinner plates

The Hon. Lewis W. Emerson off Warrensburgh and Manager Albert Thieriot of the Fort William Henry Hotel, Lake George, along with many other prominent men of Northern New York, recently attended an elaborate banquet on the second floor of the sheriff’s jury, held at the Hotel Knickerbocker, New York at which the assessment was $60 a plate. The total number of guests were 450 and the banquet was served on the famous solid gold dinner service of the hotel Knickerbocker.

Jed Smith, self-made man

“Uncle” Jed Smith has the reputation of being the best known character in the neighborhood of Horicon. He has the well-earned reputation of knowing Brant Lake better than any other bass fisherman in the world. He is the town’s tooth extractor, an authority on bee culture and is the town telephone repair man. He is also one of the best storytellers in the woods, being gifted with more than his share of that mixture of native philosophy and original use of words that is characteristic of men who have commuted with nature all of their lives.

Jed has had a long and varied career and many real life adventures. Growing up he was the 13th of 14 children in the Smith family and he had to hustle to keep things going. Jed’s father, the elder Smith, had little time for family details as he was also hustling to be able to be successful in life and keep food on the table. His children grew up pretty much on their own, taking the hard knocks as they came and getting little sympathy from him. The old man was able to leave his family a goodly inheritance when it finally became time for him to meet his maker.

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