Reader asks for compassion

To the News Enterprise:

In regards to Bob Nessle’s letter to the editor in last week’s issue, he seems to be just as disrespectful and childish as the liberals are.

The woman is dead, Bob, show a little compassion. I thought the liberals were the most compassionate people on earth. If the conservatives did this to every liberal’s hero, FDR, they would have gone ballistic. As far as Thatcher and Reagan “eviscerating” the middle class, are you kidding me? During Reagan’s terms, the prosperity in the country was off the charts. In regards to the air traffic controllers, it was an illegal strike, Bob. Would you just let them shut down the airports which would basically cripple our economy? As for background checks, we already have them in place and have for quite some time now.

In future letters, do me a favor and stop calling them Democrats. The party died 40 years ago; they are liberals and their ideology is a million miles apart. As far as a revolt, Bob, I’m sure it will come about, but not over conservative policy but liberalism. I hope I’m still alive to witness it.

Bob O’Brien, North Creek

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