Consider LGCS expenditures

To the Editor:

Why will it cost Lake George Central School District taxpayers over $23,208 to educate each student next year?

Perhaps it’s because we’ll be paying $147,813 for a gym teacher and $14,279 for a part-time volleyball coach.

Perhaps it’s because taxpayers have been paying up to $24,328 for health care per employee, or maybe the excessively expensive student-teacher ratio of 8.4-to-1 or employee benefits that average 76.4 percent of salary and often exceeds two times salary.

For decades, the Lake George School Board has operated behind closed doors. This has aggravated an embarrassing board personnel problem and placed the teachers’ unions’ interests ahead of the students or the community. The time has come to elect a more transparent school board that is open to preparing our children for the serious demands of their future, at a cost we can afford.

Examples? Distance learning could provide the declining student population — a loss of 152 students in last 5 years — better college acceptance options at lower costs. However, Board candidates Dave King and Virginia Etu have taken the teachers union’s position against distance learning. (It requires less dues-paying teachers.)

Is the “Vote Yes” lobby a front for the teacher’s union? Can Mr. King be objective with a relative employed at the school? Would he recognize his potential conflict of interest?

Another example is the bonding of buses and potentially an expensive new bus garage. The Board has declined to study privatization of transportation. If privatized, the operator wouldn’t be bound by the Taylor Laws that double the cost of public works projects like a bus garage or required to pay excessively for employee benefits.

For a transparent and fiscally responsible school board which will place the students’ interest first, please vote for Jim Ferris, Michelle McKnight-Lambert and one-term incumbent, Steve Jackoski.

David Klein, Lake George

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