“Bird Feeder Bandit” caught on camera

— An unruly neighbor who pulled down a local family’s bird feeders and was even so bold as to get less than a foot from their kitchen window at night threatens to make them take their feeders inside.

The criminal snuck into their yard without making a sound and ripped down a metal John Deere squirrel-proof feeder from a post over 5 feet off the ground and smashed it.

Homeowners Bud and Nancy Doyle discovered the vandalism on Saturday, April 30 when they went in the kitchen and noticed the feeder that has always sat outside their window was missing. Their grandson Patrick brought over a trail cam and duct taped it the the post where the feeder once sat, pointing the camera at another set of feeders the Doyle’s hung from seven-foot poles in the yard and waited. The next morning the other bird feaders were either knocked down, smashed, or missing. But the bandit was revealed through the pictures.

“Oh yes, (Patrick) was really excitted to show us the pictures, he couldn’t wait,” said Nancy.

Through the pictures, it was revealed that a large black bear, that stood about six-feet tall, had quietly come into their yard to take liberties with the seeds left for the birds.

“He tore down the big one, sat on the other one and the third one we just coulndn’t find,” said Bud. “I knew it had to be a bear because the feeders were so high off the ground. We’ve had racoons, a grey fox and even deer come up to the feeders but never a bear.”

Nancy said when she first saw the bear she couldn’t get over how big he was.

“They say don’t put bird feeders out during bear season but didn’t think it was already bear season,” said Nancy.

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