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To the Times of Ti:

Reading the ramblings of those against any kind of gun control, is like reading a fiction novel written by “Chicken Little!” Writers wonder why the second amendment is under attack and speak about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!” Well, the second amendment is under attack because Americans have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!”

Life being the most important part of the equation has been taken from far too many Americans and Wyatt Earp is long gone as is the old west! I have owned hunting rifles and guns for over 50 years and I have had a concealed carry permit for the same amount of time! When discharged from the military they kept my weapon, as I didn’t need it anymore.

Amendments to our Constitution can be changed to reflect current needs and there is no doubt in my mind that the second amendment needs to be changed to reflect our time in history not what was over 200 years ago! A well-regulated militia doesn’t mean a bunch of gun crazy people running around telling everyone the sky is falling! Background checks for people buying guns from any source doesn’t infringe on any law abiding Americans right to keep and bear arms!

Those senators who voted against background checks sold their souls to the NRA and showed the American people that money is their god! Hopefully the women of this country will remember them in coming elections as they have the votes to cast them out of office! I say women because it is the mothers who carried the children who were killed and will be killed if we allow our legislators to ignore the will of the people!

God bless America and give us leaders not followers.

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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