Thoughts on the U.S. Senate

To the News Enterprise:

The U.S. Senate has done hardly anything in the last decade that sustains any respect from me. That the democrats showed a modicum of backbone and blocked idealizing Margaret Thatcher gave me pause to think maybe someday the democrats will again do what democrats are supposed to do.

Thatcher and Reagan began the process that now three decades later has eviscerated the middle class in the U.S. and most other developed nations. Thatcher broke organized labor in government and the Brit mining industry. Reagan started the demise of American organized labor when he told the air traffic controllers “It‘s my way or the highway.”

Organized labor did not do everything perfectly during their rise to substantial strength in economic and social workforce issues after WW II. However it cannot be denied that organized labor made it possible for a middle class to form and have impact in this capitalistic society. Today, however, thanks to Reagan, the Bushes, with a big hand from Bill Clinton, the American middle class is now the under class. Follow the money: workforce wages go down, corporate profits rise off the charts.

So I applaud the Senate for standing for what is right.

Their action was not a snub.

But, then a couple days later the Senate went immediately back into the miasma of the “billionaires in control” when they killed the background check for gun purchases.

How can we not prepare for revolt?

Robert Nessle, Johnsburg

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