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Gardeners are now at work hereabouts tilling their soil and planting the seeds for the season’s harvest.

Leonard Harrington and Miss Myrtle Turner, both of Warrensburgh, were married by the Rev. C.S. Agen on the evening of May 19, 1913 at the home of the bride’s father, H.F. Turner of Hudson St..

In Knowelhurst, Abrum Van Dusen has an Indian Runner duck (fawn and white) that laid two perfect hard shelled eggs inside of twelve eggs. Oscar Mosher had his foot badly injured recently by dropping a log on it.

The Barbers’ Association of Glens Falls has decided to boost the price of shaving from 10 to 15 cents. The operation, however, will hereafter include a neck shave for which 5 cents additional has heretofore been charged.

Mrs. Charles F. Burhans has joined the local automobile club with a natty Ford runabout. Our competitor, the Post Star says that Mrs. Robert Lattimore of Mohican Street, Glens Falls, is the owner of a chicken hatched out that has four legs.

Coopers Cave revisited

Recently I mentioned Coopers Cave in a story about the 1913 fall of the Glens Falls bridge at spring flood time. A reader has asked for details.

Coopers Cave, located under the present day South Glens Falls Bridge, was named for author James Fenimore Cooper, born in 1789, who vacationed in the Adirondacks in 1825 and became enamored with the area’s French and Indian War history. His interest resulted in his writing the epic saga, “The Last of the Mohicans,” which local lore says he partly wrote in Warrensburgh when he was boarding here during his trip. The book is today considered one of the most important volumes in American literature.

The book is a convoluted fictional tale based on the actual fall of Fort William Henry on Aug. 8, 1757 when the French army, commanded by the Marquis de Montcalm, with a force of 5,500 men and 1,600 Indians, attacked the English fort which was destroyed while under the command of Col. Monro — and a wild killing frenzy ensued among Montcalm’s Native American followers whom Monro was unable to control.

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