Turning Back the Pages

“There is no question,” said a geologist, “but we are entering upon a period of great seismographic disturbance.”

Baby suffocates

The infant child of Samuel Scripture, who lives in the neighborhood town known as Pottertown on The Glen Road was found dead in bed the morning of May 6, 1913. The baby slept with the parents and when the mother awoke in the morning she found it cold in death, probably smothered during the night.

Another child died the same day, when Clara Armstrong, 12, passed away at the home of her father, William Armstrong in Lewisville (River St.), after a short illness of pleuro-pneumonia. Besides her parents, she is survived by three sisters and one brother. Burial was in the Warrensburgh Cemetery.

Boy’s death a mystery

A poisoning of a mysterious nature caused the death of 4-year-old Harold Moynihan on the night of May 18, 1913, at the home of his father, C.P. Moynihan, 12 Walnut St., Glens Falls. The boy was taken ill after eating heartily of strawberry shortcake on Saturday evening. His condition was not considered serious until the next afternoon when he began to have sinking spells and despite the efforts of three physicians, he failed rapidly until the end. The doctors named poisoning as the cause of death but were unable to determine the nature.

Lady holds on to her money

Ella F. Thurman of Chestertown, 70 years old and has a fortune of $25,000, was found by a jury to be entirely competent to manage her business affairs without any assistance from her brother and sister, Henry and Florence Thurman of New York. A jury of 12 men reached the verdict at the conclusion of an all day hearing at Chestertown.

Miss Thurman’s relatives petitioned Warren County Judge George S. Raley to have her declared incompetent, alleging that she was the victim of hallucinations and was not properly caring for herself.

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