Keep the town clean

To the Editor:

I moved to Willsboro five years ago. I moved there because as I child I spent summers in Willsboro, and fell in love with the pristine beauty of The Adirondack Mountains, Lake Champlain and all of what the surrounding area had to offer someone like myself who is a lover of the mountains and the unspoiled beauty of nature which the Adirondack park is known for.

Since moving here however I have noticed a growing, and very disturbing problem with my otherwise beautiful town. That problem is pollution, and the level of the problem is quite shocking and alarming. I live in a small community of homes on Willsboro point which is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by Lake Champlain, and Willsboro bay, respectfully. On my daily walks with my dog I have noticed an ever increasing level along the roads in the woods, and in the drainage trenches which flow into culverts and eventually directly into Lake Champlain. This pollution includes beer cans and bottles, household garbage, tires, food wrappers and containers, used, soiled diapers and even one spot where a local family has made a habit of dumping their kitty litter, complete with kitty turds, into the drainage trench on the side of the road on a regular basis. Again these drainage culverts flow direcly into lake Champlain. It’s almost at the point where I’m afraid to walk my dog because of a fear of what he may scoop up with his mouth if if I’m not paying close attention to everything he sniffs. Not to mention the damage that’s being done to the eco system, such as the soil the ground water, and the wildlife.

The disturbing part is that this pollution is not the work of out of towners, or seasonal visitors, but of the residents who live here. When I was very young I learned that polluting the environment was not O.K. We were taught both at home and in school the damage that pollution does not only to the ecosystem, but to our health, and the health of our loved ones, our pets, and our wild life. Unfortunately the type of pollution that I’m seeing seems to be the work of adults rather than young uninformed children, ie. alcoholic beverage containers, household trash, tires, diapers, cat litter etc.

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