Enough is enough

To the Valley News:

I think I can speak for at least half of the town of Elizabethtown when I say enough is enough. We have the facts. We are free to make up our own minds. Most of us are capable of attending meetings and speaking up if we have questions.

I know before this town, which I grew up in, is completely the laughing stock of New York State or ruined by hate and division, please stop.

We all know how to tear down, now lets work together to build up. Find a hobby, pick a project, pick up trash, do something for the elderly, the youth, the SPCA, go to church and follow God’s commandments. No more negative letters of condemnation, we all live here, if it was so bad, we’d move. Make people feel welcome. If there were no sides in politics think what a better earth this would be. I love Elizabethtown, have always tried to serve, been burned a few times, but I don’t choose to destroy. Enjoy what we have here. Choose to grow.

Gay Olcott, Elizabethtown

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