Turning Back the Pages

Two matched pairs of coach horses were sold out-of-town and a handsome pair of gray horses were sold to the Lake Placid Club for $495. W.M. Stone of Saratoga secured a handsome pair of gray cobs for $470. Two demi-coaches were sold, one to city liveryman Charles W. Seeley, and another to Mr. Pattridge of Schuylerville. Many buyers who traveled long distances could expect to secure excellent bargains.

Mayor Griffing is to retire after 30 years in business and he has stated that everything will be sold and the business will pass out of existence.

News roundabout

Putting his mouth over the spout of a steaming tea kittle, the 5-year-old son of Charles Harrington of Harrington Hill, Warrensburgh received burns in his mouth and throat which it is feared will cause his death.

Little Robert Moses, son of Frank Moses of Chester, is ill with scarlet fever and the house has been placed under quarantine. Several cases of German measles have also been reported there.

In North Thurman, the heavy wind that blew the last week of March 1913 blew down a barn on Henry Moon’s place. The structure was 30 by 60 feet and the timbers were all broken up and the structure was ruined.

George Jenks of Landon Hill, Chester delivered a barrel of maple syrup at Riverside Station, April 12, 1913, to be shipped to a customer in Rutland, Vt.

Fred R. Mixter is setting out some shade trees on his Warrensburgh property on the bank of the Schroon River. (Note: Fred Mixter lived in the stone building which is today across from Warren Ford.)

Mrs. Gertrude Park Stephens of Chestertown, has returned home from New York City and is now getting ready for the summer season. (Note: I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about this lady, as I have reader who is interested in her for reasons of genealogy.)

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