Constitution and liberty

To the Times of Ti:

This is an additional response to the question by Mr. Sam Huntington of Dresden, regarding my statements of constitutional authority and responsibility of oath-takers in my March 30 and April 27 letters to the Times of Ti. After submitting my April letter, I came across the following. From the National Constitutional Sheriffs Association (http://ncsa1.org/ncsa_news), I quote:

“The National Constitutional Sheriff’s Association declares and asserts that The People are the true creators and masters of government and The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the Land as confirmed in Article 6, Sec 2 of The Constitution. That The People, as Individuals, have unalienable Rights given to them by God, and Protections from over-reaching government, as enumerated in the Bill of Rights; that the cause of Liberty and Freedom was our founders goal, while establishing the Rule of Law to conduct ourselves by, in a Civil Society, and providing for a Limited Government.”

Today that government has grown beyond its intended boundaries and the chains of the constitution. Federal usurpation into the states and certain extra-constitutional edicts or executive orders threaten the individual protections of the American people. The second amendment to the constitution which declares, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State; The Right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” This amendment, being the bedrock of maintaining individual liberty and the protection of all the other amendments, is being usurped both at the federal level and by certain states.

One has but to look at history and the government regimes that disarmed their people. Our present firearms laws today mirror much of the German laws of 1919. Gun control and registration in Germany began with the Regulations on Weapons Ownership, which declared that “all firearms, as well as all kinds of firearms ammunition, are to be surrendered immediately.” Then came the 1938 German Weapons Act which allowed only party members, officials of the central government, the states and certain government employees to possess arms. There is but one truth; evil exists. There will always be evil and malevolent souls who commit crimes, but inanimate objects, in and of themselves, do not kill.

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