Not the time for petty politics

Local politics is for many of our youth their first experience with public service and presents them with their first impression on how to conduct ones self in public. It’s important to learn how to express your views and how to cooperate with those of different views. Public servants must learn to work together for the good of the people they serve. Petty and vindictive battles like Elizabethtown is experiencing only serve to create further discord within the community rather than pride in the performance of the community uniting despite differences.

At the same time, there is one thing we will never do and that is stifle the debate by refusing to publish letters from Mrs. Bartley or Mr. Merrihew, as some have suggested.

Letters to the editor are one of the few places where people can have an open conversation on the issues of the day and not hide behind a screenname or anonymous post. Whether you agree or disagree with the opinion, people who write letters are more likely to do one thing than those who hide behind anonymity — think before pressing send.

We’d just like to see the time wasted on these personal vendettas spent instead on the greater good of the people of Elizabethtown.

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