Re-Thinking Dissolution

In another area we asked the same questions. Dissolution did pass and the village was dissolved. We were told that when they voted to dissolve the village residents did not have all the facts. They went on the study only.

After dissolution came all the information on special districts, state mandates for both special districts, water and sewer etc. Village home owner now pay any where from 25 to 40 percent more in taxes than they did under the village. Some felt if they had to do it over they would get moreā€ˆinformation before dissolving. You need more than just the study itself.

When you vote for the plan it is only the village plan. The town plans come later and in our case this is where the changes happen. The towns only have to follow the village dissolution plan for a short period of time.

Since doing our homework we are not for dissolution of the village at this time. We feel we do not have all the facts. lt is a real concern for us that over half of the village home owners taxes will go up. This is not knowing what special districts would have to form, not to mention our water and sewer. Will we be in the situation as our neighboring towns with our water and sewer?

We have started a petition not to accept the village plan at this time. We hope village residence will sign the petition to not accept the current plan and allow more time to get the right information we need to make an intelligent decision.

We all know there are flaws in any type of government, from the federal to the local levels. We cannot and should not dissolve our village because the state wants it. New York State is in a mess, Towns are uncertain of their own funding and have there own issue's. The Village and towns together are stronger working together than separately.

Marjorie Zmijewski, Michal Zmijewski, Richard Clodgo, Sandra Clodgo


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