For shame!

To the Times of Ti:

For shame! Shame on Congress for not doing their job. We elect our senators and representatives to govern our country, but instead they fight and bicker amongst themselves, accept donations (bribes? payoffs?) from special interest groups and big business and give themselves a raise every year. 

Now that sequestration will take effect who will pay the price? The poor and powerless will pay. People on medicare and medicaid. People who need food stamps. People who can’t afford to heat their homes. People who stand ready to defend America will be asked to take 20 days off without pay. Will Congress take 20 days without pay? Not a chance! 

Every member of congress should be handed a pink slip and told to clean out their desk. If they are not doing their job, then they should be fired. Would private industry tolerate such poor performance? Not in my company! 

Our national political system is shot. It’s a system of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy, and if you can’t buy your way in you may not participate. It is time to get the gold bricks out of Washington. It’s time to bring in real leaders — people who care about their fellow Americans and where this country is going. 

James “Cutty” Cunningham


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