Proves it’s time

To the Valley News:

The recent comments concerning the heating system in the County Jail caps off the litany of problems that have plagued the project management by the County Supervisors. First, it took decades to summon the fortitude to build a new jail after the state declared the old one functionally moribund. Then they hired an architect that filed for bankruptcy before completion. The jail had a drop-dead of October, then November, then December, and then August. No definite date was set for the jail’s opening because many details hadn’t been included in the original plans. Now the rugs are wearing out. A generator that serves the jail failed, and a second generator is being considered. The heating system worked improperly from the first day. We are now told the (heat) delivery system is actually designed for a southern clime and we have cold weather. So we will study the heating system with $1.2 million leftover funds(?) from the County Jail project account.

So our Supervisors have learned from their mistakes? This is shown by how well we are progressing on our new radio system. A $2.4 million contract was let with Motorola for a system that was not expandable, so now it has to be increased for one that is. They purchased $2.5 million worth of radios, but have no idea how they will be installed. They are about $500,000 over their target right now, which includes the $1.2 million for the local radios which was not included in the original plan. We are paying $500,000 to a private lawyer because paperwork takes a great deal of time to prepare and to file. (Why do we have a County Lawyer?) We are at $17 million and climbing.

Doesn’t someone out there think it is time we went to a County Legislature?

George King, Westport

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