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One of the rescue parties sent out to look for Captain Scott and his stranded men at the South Pole reports that the greatest suffering to the men was caused by the exhaustion of their tobacco supply, forcing them to use teakwood to raise a smoke.

Not many Warrensburgh citizens need worry about the new income tax to take effect for the first time on March 1, 1913. In order to be eligible for the privilege of paying the tax one must first have an income of at least $5,000. Some few have, most haven’t in this town.

A tree was recently cut down on the farm of Charles MaArdle, about three miles from Olmstedville, and its age is estimated to be 173 years. The stump measured 60 inches by 70 inches.

Homer J. Selleck of Lake George, fell on an icy sidewalk and broke his left arm. James Stevens fell on the ice and broke three ribs and is confined to his home on upper Main Street, Warrensburgh where he lives with Mrs. Fred Darrow, his sister.

In Graphite the water pipes around the place still keep freezing up and water is being carted in pails and barrels for use around town. A thief has been visiting back yards and stealing articles of clothing from the clotheslines.

John Mahoney of Friends Lake is selecting lumber for his new house. An outbuilding on Ed Jones’ place at Riverbank was burned recently. Martin Barlow and family, who live in the house, were in the habit of using the building for an ash house.

Gilbert White of Stony Creek is ill with pneumonia. The two children of Etta Griffin, Hester and Helen Griffin of Newcomb, are ill with abscesses in their heads.

Mrs. Smith Viele died March 12, 1913 at her home on Horicon Avenue, Warrensburgh. Henry Reynolds, 87, of Garnet, North Thurman, died Saturday morning, March 8, 1913 of jaundice. Burial was in the Johnson Cemetery.

Rodney Lackey of Johnsburgh, while employed in Florida, was taken ill and has become insane. He was taken to the insane asylum.

Pete Fish’s bunch of merry music makers have been holding forth at Wheeler’s Store in Warrensburgh. Pete plunks the banjo, Fred Swan strums the guitar and Rob Branch plays the fiddle. They surely do make merry music to everyone’s delight.

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