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I have heard several times over the years that Indian Lake residents don’t like change. I am surprised that I am still hearing this occasionally because if one would look around, much is changing.

Sure things ebb and flow, just like the Hudson River, but that is to be expected. In 2012, the town of Indian Lake suffered the loss of several businesses — Jane & Cathy’s Diner, Pete Hutchins Flooring/ Hutch ‘n Stuff and Grandma’s Things.

The new year ushered in with new businesses announcing their intentions to open up shop in Indian Lake. Soon we will have a new breakfast and lunch café opening at the former Misty Mountain location. A new flooring company will once again grace a corner of Route 28 and 30 and will share space with other planned businesses, including tax consulting services. I, for one, am looking forward to these changes.

You may not know this, but there is a new force in town which aims to propel positive change full steam ahead. The newly formed Indian Lake Community Development Corporation (ILCDC) was formalized in October 2012 and is currently preparing an application for 501c3 status.

ILCDC was formed for charitable and educational purposes, and its primary objective is to stimulate business and residential revitalization in the town of Indian Lake. It is designed as a tool through which the ongoing Indian Lake Community Planning Organization will, hopefully, gather the financial wherewithal and formal direction from a Board of Directors. In addition, they hope to lessen the burdens of local, state and federal governments through public improvement activities; combat the deterioration, enhance aesthetics and promote the historic charm of the town; and encourage cooperation and leadership throughout the community.

Most recent ILCDC projects under way include: outreach, planning and promotion of Indian Lake’s asset as a snowmobiling hub featuring great trails, free parking and no permits; helping to foster access to fresh foods remains a priority by supporting the expansion plans of current and potential resources; developing a map which highlights all amenities and services available; and formulating a brand for the town of Indian Lake to help attract visitation and ultimately residents and businesses to the town.

Christine Pouch is the president of the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

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