Essex County signs Horace Nye sale contract

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown.

The Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown. Photo by Keith Lobdell.

— The Horace Nye Nursing Home contract has been signed off.

Essex County Attorney Daniel Manning announced March 18 that the county had signed the contract between the county and Center for Specialty Care out of New York City had signed the contract for the sale of the county-operated care facility.

"The contract was finalized between the county and them about two or three weeks ago," Manning said. "They were looking at some things they wanted to finalize and we were able to sign off on everything and move forward."

Manning said that things have been progressing rapidly since the contract was signed.

"Right now we are looking at a lot of the environmental evaluations and we have commissioned a study of the property that has been put out to bid," Manning said. "The sale is moving along really quick now. They have submitted their paperwork with the Department of Health."

Manning said that Center for Specialty Care is very experienced when it comes to working on sales.

"These people operate like a military operation," he said. "They have people with their own area of expertise and they each focus on that area and hammer all the issues out."

With the contract signed, Manning said things could be finalized by the end of the year.

"We should be moving pretty quickly on this," he said. "Maybe, I won't guarantee it, but maybe we can get this whole thing done by the end of the year."

While the contract has been signed, Manning said that there could still be a chance that something could prevent the sale, but that the deal was done for the most part.

"There could be a massive environmental issue that we do not want to fix," Manning said. "There could always be something that makes it fall through."

Along with the contract with Essex County, Center for Specialty Care recently signed a contract with Washington County to take over the operations at the Pleasant Valley Nursing Home.

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