Lake George casino would prompt residents to spend money locally

To the Editor:

We do need a casino upstate, so that people will spend money in Lake George and in surrounding areas. Local residents who enjoy casino games would stay in this area instead of taking buses to Foxwoods, Mohican Sun, Atlantic City and other gambling destinations.

We need to keep people in our counties and surrounding areas. Make no mistake, the churches would also see increase in attendance and donations, and schools would see a few new buildings and other developments that would generate taxes. Also, the new jobs would attract more residents, thus more students would be enrolled.

I plan on contacting Gov. Cuomo and encourage him to have a casino built at Roaring Brook Ranch. I’ve visited my friends there. It’s a perfect location.

I don’t want Joanne Gavin to miss what she needs to do to enjoy life, however.

Joanne Gavin should raise money to open a building near Prospect Mountain with the help of her citizens’ group. She can open a museum and install spinning wheels, have crafts, make apple cider and hang artwork on the walls. She could put whatever would please her there and then enjoy it to the fullest. It would be somewhat like the place in Cooperstown that I visited and enjoyed. It would also generate business.

As I am 95, I’ve had 50 years more experience than Ms. Gavin. Since I worked at the post office, was a scout leader and a real estate agent, built several homes, was a successful accountant, and served as a volunteer in Glens Falls Hospital for 25 years and helped many local people over the years.

I also traveled all over the USA, Canada, Alaska, Aruba, meeting all kinds of people in my business. I never met anyone I didn’t like. I felt sorry for a lot of them, but most became my friends. Those that couldn’t be helped, I got them the help they needed.

I think this should share what I feel for our businesses in Lake George — and help out by promoting a casino — and Joanne Gavin can have her wish and enjoy life as well. If she develops the building as she wishes, she could occupy her time, bringing in business to help our economy instead of discouraging it. It’s important for a casino to come to Lake George.

We don’t need a casino study, however, because it can be accomplished voluntarily by business owners, the village and people’s inventive faculties!

Lena Chase, Lake George

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