Disputes claims

To the Valley News:

Harry Gough's representation that he and Margaret Bartley "gave" the people of Elizabethtown and Essex County anything but a good fleecing is outrageous and insulting.

Otis Lane is a Town Road and has been since 1914 as sited in the public record mentioned in the Supervisor's newsletter. It has been, and is today, maintained by the Town of Elizabethtown. The Supervisor continues to authorize funding for charges attributed to the State inventoried Town Road named Otis Lane. She must agree with the classification or she could not legally authorize expending our tax dollars for cost attributed to that road. You can't have it both ways. Without further deduction it seems evident that even Margaret Bartley represents Otis Lane is a Town Road.

Harry, what Mr. Fenimore and I did learn over that six year period you mentioned was that there are indeed people in this world who will take any action necessary, regardless of the impact to taxpayers or personal safety of their neighbors, to achieve their singular personal benefit. You and Margaret were successful in forcing us, the taxpayers, to expend over $70,000 to build an unnecessary new road, finally allowing safe access to property owners who have been held hostage, by you, for over eight years. To now profess to offer some "Golden Calf' gift of dirt to buy your desired consciousness is condescending and an insult to our intelligence.

You and Margaret did achieve your goal of a free, private driveway. You won. It is now necessary for you both to look your neighbors in the eye and admit the only "gift" the taxpayers have received was a dirty little lesson in selfish human behavior.

Noel H. Merrihew, III


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