Turning Back the Pages

It is feared that the maple sugar and syrup season, close at hand, will be a poor one owing to the open winter.

Water, water everywhere

Mrs. Frederick B. Richards of Warrensburgh has just received a letter from her sister who was marooned three days in the third story of a hotel in Dayton, Ohio. As the water was up to the second story, the food supply was necessarily scanty and like the rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, there was “water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink” except what rainwater they could catch or by melting the snow on the roof. With this they made tea and cocoa over an alcohol lamp which one of the party happened to have. When the flood subsided, a dead horse was found to have floated into the bar-room of the hotel.

News roundabout

Two dogs running in the woods on West Mountain near Glens Falls were shot and killed by Game Protector M.B. Leland and an effort is being made to locate the owner who, if found, will be fined $100. (Note: It was the unhappy job of a game protector to keep deer from being chased, mutilated and killed by dogs.)

In other news, John Keech and William Yule of West Fort Ann in four days chopped and piled 20 cords of wood and while work was in progress, drank a barrel and a half of “Old Man” cider, ate a ham, two bushels of potatoes and twelve loaves of bread.

Arthur L. Adams of Stony Creek claims the winter egg record. He has 50 single-comb Rhode Island Red hens that laid 852 eggs in January and 944 in February, a total of 1,796 in 59 days.

North Country news

Ransom Maxim has purchased equipment for a sawmill and will build one at Knowelhurst, near Stony Creek this spring. Several teams are engaged in drawing logs from Joseph Cahill’s place to Wilbur Perkins’ sawmill in West Stony Creek. Orrin Perkins, while drawing wood, fell on the ice and it is feared that he broke some of his ribs.

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