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To the Valley News:

I want to thank Mr. Hurlburt for his article “Happy not necessarily meaningful’ in the Valley News March 3 edition. Though my struggles through life are few, my mental struggles at times are great with what my life really means. As a young person we have a huge open life and don’t think beyond what makes up ‘happy’ but as we age it seems like we look beyond the ‘happy’ and want our life to mean something to ourselves. As a child we were quite poor and depended on government commodities to help. Plus our Christmas always had the Salvation Army elf. So this day and I remember them and have tried to repay their kindness by volunteering to help others. They have me a meaning to my life at a young age which also created in an instant but I find ‘meaning’ takes time to find or do. So few will give that time but for me time is what we all have even if its busy. Kindness in a unselfish manner has more meaning than anything else we can give besides love. So thank you for this article that gives us all something wonderful to remember and maybe use more often in our daily lives.

Michele Preston, Westport

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