Boehner protects the rich

To the Times of Ti:

If one takes the time to listen to The Speaker of the House John Boehner, he/she would think they are hearing a broken record!

Mr. Boehner in several news conferences tells the world President Obama is a “dictator!” He tells of a president who always wants his way and who bullies Congress! With his next breath Speaker Boehner complains that the president isn’t giving Congress an indication of what the president wants from Congress. In typical politician fashion Speaker Boehner is speaking out of both sides of his mouth! The weird thing is that there are some who understand him!

The only thing I understand about our speaker and his followers in Congress is that they hate our president and are punishing Americans for electing him! Those in Congress will receive paychecks throughout the mess they created while Americans will be losing jobs and our economy suffers! Speaker Boehner tells Americans we have to subsidize multi billion dollar oil companies and need the Keystone pipeline regardless of any environmental impact or where the oil will go once it reaches Texas! He tells us we don’t need revenue as part of a plan that cuts expenses for education and programs like Head Start!

How can Americans live with themselves if the super rich have to pay more taxes? Does the average American realize the yachting industry depends on these super rich people as does Mercedes and other high-end automakers! The banks in the Cayman Islands would be devastated if these same people had to show their wealth and pay their fair share of taxes!

Speaker Boehner and his followers have become the protectors of these people while throwing those in the lower income brackets under the bus! The Founding Fathers of our Country worked together and “compromised” to put together our Constitution and Speaker Boehner tells us he rejects even the word “compromised!”

If ever there were a time in our history for rebellion it is now and the ballot box is our weapon! This is a right given to us by those who compromised and gave us freedom! God bless the United States and those who fought for our freedom from tyranny as is being displayed by Speaker Boehner and his followers in Congress!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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