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February 2013 was a pleasant Winter month here in the North Creek area as temperatures and snowfall were near normal. This is in sharp contrast to last year when February was unusually warm and had very little snow, only 3.2 inches.

The average high was 29.9 degrees and the average low was 9.4 degrees giving us an average of 19.7 degrees, 1.3 degrees below normal. The highest temperature, 43 degrees, was recorded on the 26th and the lowest , -8 degrees, was recorded on the 10th. There were 5 days with below zero readings compared to an average of 6. There were 1269.5 degree days bringing our seasonal total to 5548.5.

Melted precipitation for the month was1.71 inches,0.65 inches below normal. This brings our seasonal total to 3.41 inches, 2.09 inches below normal. There was measurable precipitation on only 8 days, with the greatest amount, 0.86 inches falling on the 27th.

Snowfall was very near normal with 16.9 inches falling, only 0.4 inches above normal. Our seasonal total is now 53 inches, only 4.9 inches below normal. Most of the snow fell during two storms, one on the 8th and one on the 27th. The latter storm was a very wet snow here in Riparius where only 6 inches was recorded but at higher elevations as much as 16 inches was measured.

The river reached its highest level, 5.72 feet on the 1st and its lowest level, 3.41 inches, on the 20th and 22nd.

Correction: January 2013's high temperature was 44 degrees, not 28.6 degrees as stated in the article.

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