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The keys were given to the stationmaster of the brand new Grand Central Train Station terminal in New York City and on Feb. 2, 1913, it was opened to the public. (Note: This extraordinary building was saved in the 1970s by preservationists and in 2013 a postage stamp was issued in honor of the opening.)

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 23, who since the age of 15 years old, has spoken eloquently on the street corners of New York City telling her audiences that workers deserved higher wages and better working conditions, is currently addressing strikers in Patterson, N.J. She is a leading organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World, a radical union known as the “Wobblies.”

In the ever-growing advent of the automobile, gasoline in the early days was purchased by the bucketful at repair shops and mercantile stores. For the past eight years we have benefited from the invention of Sylvanus Bowser, who developed the first “filling station” in 1905 and owns a gasoline pump factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana. (Note; Bower had a penchant for sniffing gas, a aroma which he said he loved and smelled to him like money, It is suspected that in 1938 this habit was the cause of his death.)

Short winter now fading

The few inches of snow that fell on the last day of February has made business start up after a nearly bare winter. W.W. Bowyer of Chestertown has over 600 markets of logs which he has finished in 5 days. This is the quickest time for a job of that size that is known around here. All the teams that can be found are called into play and they work all day Sunday and not many words of criticism are heard and all agree that the end justified the means. The weather is now starting to slowly warm up and winter’s backbone seems to be broken by the bright sun.

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