Bullied Boy Dies

Kids Count

While a response might take some time, the individual can do some things for themselves. Try to stay out of the places where the bully can attack. Try to travel with a friend or friends, bullies usually don’t try to bully groups, more often individuals. If a young person is being bullied they must be reminded that it is not their fault, no one deserves to be bullied. The old adage used to be to stand up to the bully or to fight back, it sounds good but probably is not a prudent step to take as the bully has sized the young person up as a victim and may injure them if a confrontation occurs.

Victims should always be supported in their efforts to report bullying and should not be shamed or blamed. Victims should not skip school or school activities because they fear being bullied. Disclosing that bullying is occurring can get parents involved as well and the bully may well take notice that adults are watching.

As adults, we have a chance to help a young person out in a way that will never be forgotten when they come to us to disclose bullying. For many, the bullying will have been occurring for some time when they finally decide to disclose that they are being bullied. If a young person discloses that they are being bullied and you cannot help them yourself, find another adult that can and will help them.

Remember, all kids count.

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