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Bailey O’Neil was a handsome, 11 year-old honor student from Darby, Pennsylvania. According to Baily and his parents the students that picked a fight with him frequently bullied him before the attack. During the fight, Bailey was struck in the face numerous times and one blow fractured his nose. Following this blow, Bailey fell to the ground. Bailey’s parents delivered him to an area hospital where it was found that the fight had resulted in a concussion.

After x-rays and examinations, Bailey was released from the hospital. Bailey’s parents noticed remarkable changes in him following the attack. Bailey was sleeping much more than before and he was moody according to his parents. Then Bailey began to experience violent seizures that lead to his hospitalization again and him being placed in a medically induced coma to protect him from the seizures. Now Bailey O’Neil has died as a result of his injuries.

The school suspended the two boys that attacked Bailey for two days and they have returned to school. The school superintendent has turned the matter over to the local police to determine if a crime has been committed.

Given the young ages of the children involved it is surprising that such serious injuries could be inflicted, however, it is a reminder that some 11 year-old boys are smaller and less developed while others are much larger and stronger at the same age.

Bullying continues to plague many schools and the death of Bailey O’Neil has put a new urgency around the issue of bullying. Bullying hurts young people every day emotionally and physically and now it can be said that bullying can be deadly.

If a young person is being bullied at school, it is very important to develop a plan to deal with being bullied. It might seem “not cool” or even a little scary to tell an adult but it could be the best thing to do. If a young person confides in an adult about being bullied and nothing happens, then they must tell another adult and then another until something is done.

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