Viewpoint is a ‘misrepresentation of facts’

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•Town of Jay D.P.W. employee Chet Pulsifer has just become N.Y.S. certified to become our new Sewer Plant operator.

•An engineering report by A.E.S. from March 4, 2011 is proof of the fact that the Sewer facilities were in shambles before we took over operations and maintenance.

•The Town of Jay has shared services agreements with over 20 different municipalities and State agencies and unfortunately the Town of Black Brook officials are the only ones we have ongoing issues with. We even offered to meet yesterday so we did not have to do this response and they refused.

•The Town of Jay has lobbied constantly on behalf of Black Brook with State and Federal officials on outstanding Hurricane Irene issues their town still has outstanding.

•Supervisor Randy Douglas has meetings in Washington Scheduled for next Tuesday with Senator Schumer, Senator Gillibrand, and Congressman Owens, to discuss outstanding FEMA issues for many municipalities from Clinton, Franklin, and Essex Counties including Black Brook.

In closing, we feel we have done so many things to assist the Town of Black Brook in their time of need to in turn be treated unethically and unfairly. Our issues are not with the good people of the Town of Black Brook but with some of their Town Board Public Officials. The bottom line is we took an oath of office to protect our taxpaying citizens to the best of our ability. We withheld payment for services not rendered for a short period of time and we paid what we felt was acceptable. Some of the Black Brook Town Board officials can call it bullying, but in Jay we call it accountability and performing our fiduciary duty to protect taxpayers’ monies.

Randall T. Douglas, Town of Jay Supervisor, Archie Depo Deputy Supervisor, Amy Shalton Councilwoman, Tom McDonald Councilman, Gerry Hall Councilman

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