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On April 20, 2010, Supervisor Randy Douglas sent a letter to our Chief Plant Operator stating, ”In closing, …… I thank you for your courteous working relationship with me and my town board over the last six and a half years. It’s unfortunate that town of Black Brook Officials do not wish to negotiate in good faith about our sewer contract and therefore you are no longer allowed to work on sewer related issues in the Town of Jay. Please believe that this is business and not personal. I wish you the best.” Again, no mention of any disputed hours worked at the time of this April 20 letter.

A partial payment of the sewer bills was finally made on May 11, 2010, about 6 months after Supervisor Douglas stopped paying any sewer bills. Again no mention of a dispute in the time worked as a reason for withholding payments.

It was after, we, the Town Board of the Town of Black Brook instructed our Chief Sewer Plant Operator to just do the minimum necessary to comply with the SPDES Permit, because of money problems due to the Supervisor Douglas’s refusal to pay the Town of Jay’s share of the cost of running the sewer plant, that Supervisor Douglas installed a closed-circuit television camera. That camera simply recorded part of the time that our sewer plant operator worked on sewer plant business, and because it was installed some 6 months after Supervisor Douglas’s refusal to pay any sewer bills, any footage taken by the camera can’t become proof of time worked 6 months earlier.

The Town of Black Brook had the responsibility to manage the sewer treatment plant. Supervisor Douglas and the Town of Jay withheld payment of their share of the cost of running the plant, not just labor costs but all costs, even electricity, all for the purpose of renegotiating the contract. This was all settled, with prejudice, by agreement just days before going before arbitration. Supervisor Douglas’s push to have this article published and his false comments in the article served no purpose other than to take a cheap shot at an employee. His statements in the article should have mirrored his statements in his letters to the Town of Black Brook when the dispute was going on. It is difficult to address a constantly changing argument.

Town Board of the Town of Black Brook

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