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Supervisor Randy Douglas’s comments in the Feb. 19 Press Republican’s article concerning the utility audit of The Town of Black Brook are nothing more than a cheap shot, from a small town bully, at an employee of the Town of Black Brook, who was at all times just following instruction of the Town Board of The Town of Black Brook.

The Town of Jay Supervisor, Randy Douglas, said that the litigation was not initiated by his town and that it was over shared billing for hours worked by the chief sewer plant operator. This statement is different from what is stated in letters from supervisor Douglas.

On Jan. 15, 2010 supervisor Randy Douglas sent a letter to the Town of Black Brook stating, “I will not authorize any payments for 2010 until a new sewer contract agreement is reached.” On April 7th, 2010, supervisor Randy Douglas demanded, “as for contract negotiations, my town board requests (as stated in the contract) to send it to an arbitrator for a hearing. Because the town of Black Brook is the lead agency on the sewer contract, I believe that it is your town’s responsibility to arrange the arbitration.”

We, the Town of Black Brook Town Board did exactly as requested. The sewer bills that the Town of Jay was refusing to pay were sent to arbitration. Supervisor Randy Douglas requested that we initiate the action.

In that same April 7 letter Supervisor Randy Douglas clearly states his reasons for nonpayment of any part of the sewer bills. In not one part of those reasons did Supervisor Randy Douglas mention any dispute of the hours that our Chief Plant Operator worked. Reasons stated by Supervisor Douglas at that time were, failure to agree on a new contract and his refusal to pay for any part of the hospitalization insurance for our chief plant operator.

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