‘Anonymous’ had other options

To the Times of Ti:

This letter is for “anonymous” in Ticonderoga who tuned in a fuel oil spill to the New York State Department of Environmental Commission! Anonymous you could have gone to the town highway supervisor or other town official and saved the taxpayers $46,500 that could have been used for any one of several needed projects.

If you were afraid of retribution because you are a town worker you could have sent an “anonymous” letter to our town supervisor who would have investigated the incident and called it into question! There were several avenues for you to get action on the accidental spill at the town highway garage without costing the taxpayers money that could have provided for our senior citizens or school children.

One could understand going to the Department of Environmental Commission if town officials rebuked you but the fact is they were not given the chance to report the spill as was required. Yes, the spill should not have happened and for whoever was responsible for not monitoring the transfer of the fuel from one tank to another there should be disciplinary action taken! I am not recommending a firing but I do think some sort of discipline is necessary to insure another incident of this nature doesn’t occur in the future. Accidents will happen and now everyone is aware that a spill of over five gallons must be reported immediately!

Perhaps you feel better now that taxpayers have to pick up yet another tab for a mistake that wasn’t their fault! Anonymity or “freedom from identification” is sometimes needed to protect the innocent but in this case the innocent have been harmed. The people of Ticonderoga deserve better! The fine will be paid with funds needed for highway equipment and hopefully “anonymous” won’t need his/her snow removed in an emergency when a plow is out of action!

Gary P. Guido, Ticonderoga

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